Roof Restoration Melbourne

Maintaining your roof is essential so as to prevent any damage from occurring. By allowing the ridge cap pointing to deteriorate, you can be susceptible to many other problems such as:

* Water seepage
* Dislodged ridge caps
* Blown off ridge caps in high winds
* Gaps that allow animals and pests to enter

Untimely repairs and excessive water leakage can also cost you a lot more than expected. Once the timber in your roof starts to rot, the replacement procedure can be very expensive and troublesome. We advise you to let the experienced roofers help you in maintaining your roof, ensuring that you do not face any added expenses and hardships.

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With years of experience and volumes of knowledge gained along the way, we are among the best in the industry. When working on your roof, we utilize a specialized and flexible type of waterproofing compound which is highly recommended by professional roofer, builders and architects.

Roof Painting

Colorbond roofs
Attractively colored roofs can enhance the exterior appearance of your home. If you are unhappy with the existing roof, repainting it with a color of your preference is a lovely option.

Rusty metal roofs
Painting rusty metal roofs can have a very short-lived effect. Once rust starts corroding the metal roof, it is almost impossible to get it back to its former glory. New paint on rusty old roofs can also lead to obstruction of water drainage, which in turn can create new leakages.

Terra Cotta tiled roofs

First we clean and remove the rusted flashings and valley irons. Once complete, we proceed in applying two coats of NUTECH Terra-Glaze or Aqua Stop Clear coating. This is carefully done by using the Air-less spray system OR Colour Coasting. The next step is to apply a single coat of NUTECH Membrane Sealer by using the Air-less spray system, to the entire section of roof. For our final step, we apply two separate coats of NUTECH SRR Aqua-Shield Finish, in the preferred color. This is also done by utilizing the Air-less spray system. Special care is taken to ensure that a minimum dry film thickness of 250 microns is attained.

Painting of Gutters

Although it is not always required, painting gutters are usually done in order to maintain uniformity or to match certain sections of the house. If you want your gutters to be painted, it is essential only to paint the exterior part which is visible. For painting gutters, you may need to use a special -non colorbond color, since Colorbond is available in a limited selection of colors.
Roof painting, if done with utmost care and high quality materials, will keep your roof looking and performing great for many more years.

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